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awear || About us - Mission - History and who stands behind

About us:

Our designs are intended to question mainstream beliefs.

Our brand name AWEAR is a combination of „being aware“ and „to wear“. Our designs are inspired by subjects relevant for society, sociopolitics and the environment.

We are a group of independent „free“ thinkers who are wide awake and perceive the happenings in our world to be extremely critical.

With our designs we would like to evoke awareness, address these happenings, provoke discussions, and direct as many people as possible to these subjects (issues). It is important for us to confront the monotonous pace of today‘s life, the thoughtlessness, the superficiality and the opportunism.

We believe that the only way to change this world is by starting to change yourself. „Change yourself, and than you can change the world.“ (M. Gandhi). The more questions you ask, the more knowledge you get and the clearer many things become and the more conscious your decisions will be.

Stop following and start leading. Start leading means making your own decisions and being responsible for their consequences. It also means to stop blaming everybody else for whatever good or bad is happening in your life. If we were able to catch your attention, a warm welcome and have fun surfing on our website

Are you aware?

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awear || About us - Mission - History and who stands behind